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Your Guide to Choosing and Installing Fasteners

Fasteners make it easy to close up bags, secure items together, and even serve as a wonderful alternative to buttons. The trouble is that many sewists see the various metal pieces and figure that it’s too much trouble. However, fasteners are super simple, easy, and they look great!

Different Types of Snap Fasteners 

There are different types of fasteners, although they all snap. The traditional fasteners are two-part press studs for button-like use. They sew into place and snap easily. 

Another type of fastener is a rivet. Rivets come in both metal and plastic options, and they require riveting tools or a hammer to secure them. Rivet fasteners are popular in jeans and in heavy-duty fabrics. 

Then, there are Maggies. Truly revolutionary, Maggies use metal rings and a strong ball magnet to “snap fasten” through multiple layers of fabric. It’s impressive and extremely useful but not a permanent fixture on the garment or project. 

Parts of a Snap Fastener 

Fasteners work the same way that grommets do in that they have female and male parts. The two parts sit on opposite sides of the material. 

Traditional snap fasteners only have two pieces, but rivets have a cap, socket, stud, and post. The cap should always sit on the outside or visible side of the fabric. The socket should go on the inside. 

Snap Fastener Application

Snap fasteners usually come as a complete kit. Rivets do require tools such as a hammer or a Kam tool.

Traditional fasteners you can simply sew into place. However, rivets need some finesse. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Using the hole punch included in the snap fastener kit, punch a hole in the fabric. 
  2. Lay the cap on the outside of the fabric over the hole.
  3. Swap out the pieces on the punch tool for the riveting piece and smooth disc. 
  4. Place the punch tool over the cap and hole.
  5. Hammer into place.
  6. Change the punch tool pieces to the stud and the grooved riveting tool. 
  7. Slide into place.
  8. Hammer again.

A Kam tool or rivet press makes things much easier. Instead of using a plastic tool and a hammer, you use the press and then only change out the fastener pieces rather than additional parts to help hold things in place. 

Ultimately, fasteners are a great way to get away from your sewing machine for a moment but still push forward on a few projects. Rivets and traditional snap fasteners are much easier to work with than people initially believe. 

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Whether you have your own clothing company, or you just enjoy sewing clothes in general, fasteners are a great notion to keep in mind. If you would like to purchase any of our fasteners, or our fastener tools, visit our fasteners page. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing any products in bulk!