JUKI - Traveling Needle Guard #118-90001
JUKI - Traveling Needle Guard #118-90001

JUKI - Traveling Needle Guard #118-90001

JUKI - Traveling Needle Guard #118-90001
SKU: 118-90001
Weight: 0.02 lbs
Vendor: JUKI
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JUKI - Traveling Needle Guard 

Part Number - 118-90001, 11890001
Alternate Part Number - 6030718E200, NG600900, U94125F

Guaranteed to Fit:

Juki sewing machine models:
MO-2504, MO-2504-0D4, MO-2514, MO-2514-BD4, MO-2516, MO-2516-DD6, MO-3604-OE4, MO-3614-BE6, MO-3616-DE4, MO-3704, MO-3704-0E4, MO-3711-BE6, MO-3716-DE4, MO-3904-OE4, MO-3914-BE6, MO-3916-DE4, MO-6104D-0E4, MO-6114D-BE6, MO-6116D-DE4, MO-6704S-0E4, MO-6714S-BES, MO-6714S-DE4, MO-6716S-DE4, MO-6904G-0F6, MO-6904R-0E4, MO-6914G-CH6, MO-6914R-BE6, MO-6916G-FH6, MO-6916R-DE4, MOG-2404-0M6, MOG-2404N-0M6, MOG-2414-BH6, MOG-2414N-BH6, MOG-2416-FF6, MOG-2416N-FF6, MOG-2504-OM6, MOG-2514-BH6, MOG-2516-FF6, MOG-3704, MOG-3714, MOG-3716, MOG-2504N-0F6-600, MOJ-2514N-BH6-600, MOJ-2516N-FF6-600, MOJ-3904, MOJ-3914, MOJ-3916, MOK-2504N-0F6-600, MOK-2514N-BH6-600, MOK-2516N-FF6-600, MOR-2504-0D4-300, MOR-2514-BD4-307, MOR-2516-DD4-300, MOU-2514-DD4-300, MOU-2516-BD4-307