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Overlock Sewing Machine Needles B27
Overlock Sewing Machine Needles B27
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Overlock Sewing Machine Needles B27

Overlock Sewing Machine Needles B27
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Overlock Sewing Machine Needles B27

B27 Needles For most industrial straight needle overlockers Available in various sizes (please select)


  • Brother Models:  B511, B531, B551, B561, B571, B611, B621, B641, B651, B661, B671, B672, B681, B682, B691, B692, B901, B952, B958, B959, B971, B959
  • Feiyue Models:  FY737, FY747, FY757, FY2000, FY2100
  • JUKI Models:  MO-804, MO-814, MO-816, MO-2400 Class, MO-2500 Class, MO-2400N Class, MO-2500N Class, MO-3300 Class, MO-3600 Class, MO-3700 Class, MO-3900 Class, MO-6700 Class, MOR, MOC, MOF
  • Mauser Models:  DC, DCP, DC-MS
  • Pegasus Models:  E22-730, E22L-730, E32, E32L, E52, E52L, ETB32, ETB52, ETF32, ETF52, F32, F52, L32, L52
  • Rimoldi Models:  27, 28, 29, 227, 228, 229, 230, 327, 329, 527, 627
  • Wilcox and Gibbs Models:  101-E14, 401-02, 401-04, 401-013, 401-E32, 503-04, 503-E, 503-52, 503-ETB 52, 503-ETF 52, 504-4, 504-E 52, ETB 52, ETF 52, 512, 514, 515-E32-440, 516, DC, DCP, DCR-942, E32, E52
  • Yamata Models:  FY737, FY747, FY757, FY2000, FY2100
  • Yamato Models:  AZ8000 Class, AZ8500 Class, AZ8600 Class, DC, DCY, DCZ-200, DCZ-203, DCZ-204, DCZ-206, DCZ-216, DCZ-220, DCZ-220W, DCZ-221, DCZ-263, DCZ-264, DCZ-270, DCZ-290, DCZ-292, DCZ-293, DCZ-296, DCZ-500, DCZ-503, DCZ-515, DCZ-520, DCZ-521, DCZ-525, DCZ-545, DCZ-553, DCZ-554, DCZ-700, DCZ-703, DCZ-711, DCZ-715, DCZ-724Y, DCZ-725Y, DCZ-726YZ, DCZ-727Y, DCZ-745, DCZ-746, Z-100, Z-361, Z-362, Z-365, Z-366, Z-367, Z-368, Z1000, Z1003, Z1006, Z1016,Z1020, Z1036, Z1037, Z1045, Z1046, Z1056, Z1057, Z-5000, Z-6000, ZF-1020, ZF-1500
  • And many more!

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