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Rivets - Double-Sided Round
Rivets - Double-Sided Round

Rivets - Double-Sided Round

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Cap rivets are a great way to fasten textiles and other materials for jackets, hats, clothes, and hundreds of other items.

Double-sided, capped, tubular steel rivets. Choose between nickel, brass, gunmetal or bronze plated. Two parts per set, 100 or 1000 sets per pack.  We carry the following sizes:

  • 6mm (diameter: 6mm; length of post: 7.5mm, width of post: 2.50mm)
  • 7mm (diameter: 7mm; length of post: 8.5mm, width of post: 2.50mm)
  • 8mm (diameter: 8mm; length of post: 9.5mm, width of post: 3mm)
  • 9mm (diameter: 9mm; length of post: 10.5mm, width of post: 3.25mm)
  • 10mm (diameter: 10mm; length of post: 11.5mm, width of post: 3.25mm)
  • 11mm (diameter: 11mm)12mm (diameter: 12mm) 

To apply your rivets, you may be interested in our heavy duty press + die, available at checkout.