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Rivets - Pearl Studs
Rivets - Pearl Studs
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Rivets - Pearl Studs

Rivets - Pearl Studs
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Rivets - Pearl Studs

Pearl Studs Rivets are made using the finest grade and quality material that can be used to attach two different fabrics and are specifically designed and manufactured to be used as a decorative element to minimalistically upgrades any material.  It makes a perfect decoration accessory that elevates the overall appearance and adds charm to the final material to look elegant and classic.  The designer fabric rivets are resistant to everyday abrasions and offer extreme durability.  The classic pearl stud-designed Fabric rivets with quality finish can be mixed and matched accordingly and used by crafters in the mixed media craftwork.


DECOR ACCESSORY:  It is a finely designed decorative element widely used to elevate the overall aesthetics of apparel and other designer materials.  The round pearl rivets upgrade and accessorize minimalistically and help to attach two materials securely. 

CONSTRUCTION:  The pearl button rivets are made using durable and qualitative material designed to survive the test of time.  The quality finish of the fabric rivets ensures a smooth finish and shine with added durability. It is designed to hold and securely attach things.

CLASSIC DESIGN:  The pearl rivets are geometrically symmetric in shape, lend a classic touch, and look magnificently beautiful when embedded in fabric or any other material. The smooth, shiny surface adds charm and makes them appear elegant.

VERSATILE:  The pearl stud rivets are suitable for different quality fabrics, including canvas or leather.  Not just this,  the rivets look equally beautiful on bags,  packages,  purses,  leather,  crafts,  belts,  and wristbands.  Use a hammer/anvil hand setter for embedding the rivet.

Sold in Packs of 100 or 1000 Sets.

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