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Rivets - Mushroom Dome
Rivets - Mushroom Dome
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Rivets - Mushroom Dome

Rivets - Mushroom Dome
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Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty Press Hole Punch Dies
Heavy Duty Press for Grommets, Snaps, Buttons & Rivets (1 die set)
Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty Press Die Sets for Grommets, Snaps, Buttons & Rivets
Hammer/Anvil Handsetter for Grommets, Eyelets, Snaps & Buttons

Rivets - Mushroom Dome

Mushroom Dome Shaped Rivets are widely used as an element that holds two different materials together.  The rivets are specifically used as a decorative element that not just looks magnificently good but holds two materials securely without getting slipped.  Mushroom Dome Rivets are ideal for use on bags,  packages,  leather,  purses,  crafts,  ribbons,  and belts,  along with numerous other objects too.  The classic rivets are made using finest grade material that withstands the normal wear and tear.  Use a setting tool to fix the rivet with proper alignment.  It is widely used by the crafters too for the mixed media and other craftwork.


  • CLASSIC DESIGNER RIVETS:  The dome-shaped rivets are exceptional quality and designer decorative elements that are widely used to elevate the overall appearance of different surfaces.  The classic -designer rivets hold the materials without slipping and in a secure manner.
  • EASY-TO-USE:  The mushroom-dome shaped rivets are a must-have in your fixing tool kit.  These are easy to use and can be easily placed on any material using a hammer/anvil hand setter for proper alignment.  Poke a hole on the desired surface that helps to push the rivet smoothly and place it securely.

    SMOOTH FINISH:  The designer dome rivets are designed using a special plating process that ensures a smooth,  clean,  and shiny surface.  The quality finish adds to the durability and makes it sturdy enough to withstand the test of time.
  • VERSATILE:  Use DIY craft rivets for the apparel of different fabrics including jeans,  jackets,  or it can simply be used for mixed media artwork,  craft projects to elevate the aesthetics.  Fix the rivets on wristbands,  belts,  shoes,  or any other desired material.
  • SPECIFICATIONS:  The Mushroom Dome Shaped Rivets in the round with silver & Gold finish is available in a pack of 100 & 1000.

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