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Thread Tension Assembly Pull Up - JUKI #229-62054
Thread Tension Assembly Pull Up - JUKI #229-62054

Thread Tension Assembly Pull Up - JUKI #229-62054

Thread Tension Assembly Pull Up - JUKI #229-62054
SKU: 229-62054
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Thread Tension Assembly Pull Up - JUKI #229-62054

Part Number: 229-62054, 22962054
Alternate Part Number:
110-73657, 11073657

Durably Built Thread Tension Assembly for Industrial Machines

Thread Tension Assembly is one of the important components of an industrial sewing machine that helps to make the machine completely functional for a longer duration of time.  It has a tension regulator and a tension disc that, not in combination, helps to streamline the stitching process.  It is built tough and survives the excessive pressure built while operating the machine.  The tension disc squeezes the thread when passed through them while the regulator controls the pressure. 


  • Thread Tension Assembly:  A vital part of the sewing machine,  the thread tension assembly consists of the tension discs and the tension regulator.  With correct threading,  it helps in bringing forth a symmetrical stitch. 
  • Construction:  This thread tension assembly is manufactured with high-grade raw material that is made to survive immense pressure without dismantling. 
  • Working:  In the thread tension assembly,  the tension discs help to squeeze the thread when passed through them; on the other hand, the tension regulator helps control the pressure over the disc. 
  • Design:  The thread tension assembly is an integral part of the machine designed to help spread proper tension.  The practical design keeps your machine functional when working on any sewing projects. 


  • JUKI Models:  DDL-900C, DDL-8000AS,AB, DDL-7000A-7, DDL-8000AP, DLN-5410N-7, DLN-5410NH-7, DLN-5410NJ-7, DLN-5410N SERIES, DDL-5571N, DDL-5581N, DDL-5550N-7 SERIES, DDL-8100e, DDL-5550N SERIES, DDL-8700B-7, DDL-8700A-7, DDL-8500, DDL-8300, DDL-8700 SERIES, DDL-8700-7, DDL-900B, DDL-900BB, DLN-5410NDD-7, DU-1181N (Machine number : ~8D7EJ01535), DDL-5600NL-7, DDL-5600NU-7, DDL-5600NJ-7, DDL-5600NR-7, DDL-5600NL, DDL-5600NU, DDL-5600NJ, DDL-5600NR

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