Choosing the Right Grommets for Your Sewing Project

Choosing the Right Grommets for Your Sewing Project

It's a huge question in the crafting community, and many who are new to sewing tend to choose whatever grommet they feel like rather than the "right" grommet. So, real quick, where do Grommets come into play?

Grommets are most prevalent in home projects and signage. Home projects are the starting point for many people who are new to crafting as they’ll often take on DIY sewing projects such as curtains.

What is are Grommets?

A grommet is the metal ring that is just small enough to fasten two pieces together, usually used in things that are hung. Grommets provide reinforcement for the materials used in the project and make it possible to hang them from a rod or hook. The biggest advantage of using a grommet is that it prevents the material from tearing from the weight of the fabric. 

Different Types of Grommets

Wait, there are different types of grommets? Yes, there is, and you’ll see that it’s really easy to determine which one is best for your project. There are three primary types of grommets: plain, rubber, and plastic. You can find various sizes and designs for each type of grommet which still gives you a ton of room to flex creatively, all of which can be found at Goldstar Tools.

Plain Grommets

Flags, curtains, and lightweight materials that tear easily do best with plain grommets. Plain grommets are metal, have teeth, and are surprisingly not the strongest option available. Metal or plain grommets tend to be cast rather thin and can bend under too much weight. 

If you’re worried about ripping the fabric during grommet installation, don’t choose plain grommets.

Rubber Grommets

These grommets are the best for fabric that frays or tears easily. Lightweight materials require rubber grommets. They don't have teeth, which makes a huge difference during installation.

Plastic Grommets

Plastic grommets can either entirely be made of plastic, or metal grommets reinforced with plastic coating. These are the strongest grommets on the market, but you'll rarely need them. If you're working with a very heavy weight fabric, these are your best option.

Installing Grommets

Installing grommets is pretty straightforward. You use a grommet tool, or for some grommets, a grommet gun. Choosing the best grommet tool is simple; the tool should fit comfortably in your hand and have an easy action. Or in other words, it should close completely without too much effort. The gun or tool will punch a hole into the fabric just like a staple gun.

There are industrial grommet machines if you’re working on mass productions or worried about having a really clean punch. Industrial machines offer a more professional appearance and can make punching holes take seconds rather than a few minutes the same way that sewing machines produce better quality work than hand-stitching.

Now that you know how to choose the right grommets, you are ready to grab your sewing machine and start your next project, like a pair of DIY curtains.