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Easy Beanie Tutorial

The cold season is far from over, and the unseasonably warm fall typically spells for a late spring as well. Beanies are great solutions for staying warm when you get outside and to help cover up bed head when you're in a hurry. This tutorial has two styles, including a full-color style and a two-tone option with a pompom.

First, gather all of your supplies:

  • Use a simple beanie pattern or make your own. There are 1,001 and free patterns for beanies online, and anyone will work as long as it has a "body" and a "cuff."
  • Sewing machine
  • Pom Pom (optional)
  • Knit fabric
  • Fleece
  • Ribbing
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric marker

Keep in mind the size of the beanies will depend on the pattern you use. You may want to adjust the size to fit the head of the beanie wearer better. All too often, sewers new to the hobby will find that they can't make great beanies for the kids if the pattern fits adults.

Start by tracing and cutting your fabric. Trace on the fold of the fabric so that you can cut once and get two workable pieces. Sew along the long side with right sides together, and sew from the peaks of one short edge to the other.

Then, match the peaks of the beanie for sewing. Sew across the opposite folds of the peaks and ensure you’re getting through all the layers. Finally, sew across the top of the rounded edge to close the beanie completely and turn the project. Be sure to press your seams throughout the project. 

At this point, you've completed a solid color style beanie. With the second style, you would cut the pattern once onto two different types of patterns instead of cutting the one fabric on the fold. Then, use the same instructions, and now you have a patterned top and a solid colored bottom.

If people know that it was so easy to make beanies, they certainly wouldn't be going out and buying them. In a short afternoon or over a weekend, you can make beanies for every family member, as this project should take less than thirty minutes at your sewing machine.

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Although beanies can be used to keep your head and ears warm, but it can also be a fun fashion statement. If you want another fun tutorial to try to match your new beanie, check out our DIY Winter Gloves tutorial! If you tried this tutorial, show us on Instagram! If you need help purchasing a product, contact us today