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How to Put Rivets on Clothes

If you're making garments, then you are probably familiar with many different notions, but rivets can put a hitch in a skilled sewers project. How do you work with rivets, and are they even necessary? The answer is yes, but we've gone a bit further into why we use rivets and the exact process to put rivets onto your clothes successfully.

When Would You Put Rivets on Clothes?

A lot of sewers follow designs, and then others ask… "why?" If you're asking why we even use rivets, you're not alone. Understanding why we use rivets can drastically change how you plan your rivet use and installation. 

So, rivets are the metal pieces that reinforce an area on a garment, usually jeans, that get a lot of pull or wear. You'll notice that rivets are placed often near the openings of pockets, and that reinforces the multiple layers and helps them hold up through the wear.

What Equipment Do You Need?

You'll need the rivets themselves, and they come in many different styles, metals (although brass is the classic choice), and sizes. The method itself is entirely up to you. However, you'll need a way to punch through heavy-duty fabrics.

A manual press machine can make it easy to punch through and create the right sized hole to install rivets. You can also use a heavy-duty press for rivets, which will push the rivet down through the fabric and into the second piece. It's a great way to go through the material and fully install the rivets.

When looking for the right press for you, you'll want a press that can go through multiple layers of thicknesses and different fabrics. For example, a press should be able to punch through the canvas, denim, leather, and more. But it should also be able to press through multiple layers of those heavy-duty fabrics.

Putting On Double Cap Rivets

A press machine is the easiest way to put on double cap rivets. You can find these manual presses, including the GoldStar pearl and stud press, which can help you put a bit of flair on your projects too!

Essentially, installing rivets is as simple as placing the pieces of the rivet into each side of the press and then manually pressing down a lever. Most don’t require very much hand strength and are easy to use. They’re vital for reinforcing materials that will undergo a lot of pulling or stress during normal or everyday wear.

If you have any questions about the GoldStar pearl and stud press, or the rivet attaching process, please contact our customer service department. We will be happy to help you with any concerns you may have.