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Why New-Tech Should Be at the Top of Your List

There are a few problems that people face in the holiday season. First, knowing what special gift is right for the people in their lives. Second, ensuring that any self-shopping is purposeful, and finally, what to put at the top of your list! If you’re a sewer looking to get in on the holiday deals and rush, or if you’re shopping for someone who spends hours behind the sewing machine, then a New-Tech might be just right. 

You might have heard the old saying that sewers will have as many sewing machines as they do pairs of jeans. It’s not wrong. A new sewing machine is exciting and can be just the thing to kick-start or finally finish various projects. So which is it for you? Are you, or the person you’re shopping for, bored with the standard home sewing machine that’s ruled the craft corner for years? Maybe, that trusty commercial machine is finally nearing the end of its life. New-Tech is relatively new to the market, but with great pride, in quality and craftsmanship, it’s quickly beating out some of the top competitors. 

It’s the Most Wonderful Time … to Sew

It is the most wonderful season of all, and with so many people spending time at home, it’s possible to go through with a handmade Christmas. The right sewing machine can mean new stockings, garlands, table runners, and even quilts. 

Do you have big plans for crafting through these last weeks of the holiday season? New-Tech sewing machines blend simplicity and power, making them easy to handle and fast too. The season will soon be behind us, but a new sewing machine can ensure that holiday projects are done quickly, with high-quality, and that the sewer can stay busy all year long. 

The New-Tech Advantage

Golden Cutting and Sewing supplies ensure that the New-Tech sewing machines and their replaceable parts are of the best quality. The primary focus on quality and built a reputation as one of the most trusted brands in sewing, crafting, and garment making. 

On top of quality, customers love the level of service they receive. New-Tech customer service always goes above and beyond. They make it easy to understand the needs of your machine. From regular oiling to full part replacements whenever necessary, contact their customer service line to discuss the details with skilled and knowledgeable professionals. 

New-Tech could land on anyone’s Christmas list because of the wide variety of machines across different budgets. Even the most simple machines will have adaptive stitch options and are easy to use. 

Finding the right New-Tech for Your Needs

Properly paired with a servo motor and made of high-quality materials, you can ensure that any New-Tech sewing machine is a great choice. Determining which is right for you or the sewer in your life might be a different challenge. 

For example, the New-Tech GC-1900A might be right for someone who works at near mach-speed. The high-speed industrial machine can whip up and push out projects in a flash. But, the detailed or intricate work of a quilter might not be a great fit. For quilters, the New-Tech GC-V5 single needle might be best. Meanwhile, the New-Tech GS-0303 with a walking foot would work excellently for those who create garments. 

New-Tech has a wide variety of options, and each machine can cater to a different purpose or style of crafting. These commercial machines work faster and with more power than traditional residential or home sewing machines. Give careful consideration to what the sewer wants to accomplish with their machine and compare it against the machine’s speed and specifications. 

New-Tech and GoldStar Tool

GoldStar Tool is a proud distributor of New-Tech sewing machines. If you have any questions about purchasing one of these fabulous machines, contact us today! We are happy to help guide you through the buying process.