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Bobbin Cases, Bobbins & Hooks Donwei

At GoldStar Tool, you can find the complete range of Bobbin Cases, Bobbins, Bobbin Hooks and Rotary Hooks. We only stock the best in quality for our customers. 

Read below to learn more about our available Bobbin Cases, Bobbins, and Hooks...

Bobbin Organizer with Fitted Foam, FILLED WITH 30 Bobbins
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Bobbin Cases, Bobbins, and Hooks

What is a Bobbin?

You may have seen a small reel with a wheel-like design that is fitted inside your sewing machine. That’s the bobbin. It may be constructed out of metal, wood, or plastic. The thread goes around the cylindrical structure part of a bobbin.

Outside of the machine, it can act as a spool for your thread. Within it, you will find the lower thread winds around it. When the machine catches this thread, it combines it with the one coming through the needle. Together, they make one stitch.

Many machines don’t require that the bobbin be inserted into a case. Check which one you have and only order a case if your machine requires it.

What is a Bobbin Case?

Some sewing machines have bobbins without a case, while others require one. The case goes over the bobbin after a thread has been wrapped around the former. Then the whole ensemble can be fit inside the machine. Usually, the bobbin case goes below the needle and footplate. However, we’d recommend reading the manual for your particular model to confirm the location.

What is a Hook?

The bobbin case – along with the bobbin inside it – fit into the hook system. The latter has a key role to play in how your sewing machine works. That’s because it is the part that catches the thread that the needle forces out. You need a hook to create a stitch. There are two main types of hooks, i.e., rotary and oscillating. Even though both kinds of hooks can create lockstitch stitches, they work in different ways. You should check the machine’s guide to confirm which one you will require before you order.

If you aren’t sure which type of hook or bobbin your machine needs, contact GoldStar Tool online or give us a call at 1.800.868.4419 for guidance!