Full Spool Knitted Elastic
Full Spool Knitted Elastic
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Full Spool Knitted Elastic

Full Spool Knitted Elastic
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Full Spool Knitted Elastic


Finest-Grade Elastic String for Swimwear, DIY Projects

Tool knitted elastic cord is largely used in various clothing such as swimwear,  workout wear,  leggings,  and more.  It feels soft to the touch that makes it versatile for use and suitable for stitching directly onto the fabric as well as into casing.  The knitted elastic string for sewing doesn't cause any irritation or rashes on the skin.  Crafted with a blend of rubber and polyester,  the knitted elastic string shows high resistance to tearing.  It can be washed or dried in a machine,  and does not becomes narrower or shrinks despite regular use.  The skin-friendly elastic for stitching does not curl and can also be used in hair bands,  jewelry making,  and craft projects.


  • Elastic String:  Ideal for use in swimwear,  waistbands,  leg bands,  sleeves,  and more,  the knitted elastic band doesn't narrow when stretched.  It can be directly switched onto the fabric or inserted into the casing.
  • Quality Material:  Made with a blend of finest-grade materials like rubber and polyester,  the stretchable cord for sewing responds better to normal wear and tear,  ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Applications:  Suitable for a range of jewelry designing,  stitching,  sewing,  and craft projects,  the knitted rubber elastic doesn't curls or shrinks easily and can be washed at temperatures up to 200°F.
  • Skin-Friendly:  The polyester elastic string boasts super-soft and smooth texture.  It doesn't lead to any rashes or irritation when comes in direct contact with the skin.
  • Product Specifications:  Full spool knitted elastic string measures 1/4 in.  in width and 144 yards in length.  It comes in white color.

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