Rivets - Jean Button - Flat Donut Tack
Rivets - Jean Button - Flat Donut Tack
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Rivets - Jean Button - Flat Donut Tack

Rivets - Jean Button - Flat Donut Tack
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Flat Donut Jean Rivet is primarily designed for jeans and other denim garments.  The non-swivel head and fine finish provide a unique look.  The rivet set is made of high-grade metal that ensures longer durability.  It can be applied using some tools including hammer or anvil hand setter.  For a large volume of rivets,  a heavy-duty press machine can also be used.  The flat head rivet does not get deformed during installation due to its sturdy construction.  The robust construction provides resistance against wear and tear.  The fine finish of denim button reduces the chance of rusting.


  • Jean Rivet:  This decorative rivet is designed to be used for different purposes and different fabrics.  With a round donut shape head,  it adds a unique look and convenience to the garment.
  • Sturdy Construction:  To effortlessly bear the impact stress,  the donut shape rivet is constructed of premium grade material.  The fine finish of the rivet ensures resistance against rust,  providing longer durability.
  • Easy To Install:  The rivet button can be applied to jeans by using the hammer or anvil hand setter.  The heavy-duty press machine can be used to apply a large batch of buttons.
  • Applications:  This non-swivel rivet button is primarily used for jeans.  It can also be used in art and craft works to decorate the different designs.  The rivet can be also used for bags,  purses,  packages.
  • Product Specifications:  Each flat-headed tack button is available in a Silver,  Gold,  Gunmetal,  Bronze,  Copper & Black finish. The pack of flat donut tack jean button rivets contains 100 sets.
  • Size: 17mm Diameter, 6mm Post Length

While there are several methods to apply these, we offer a hammer/anvil hand setter, or for larger volume jobs, our heavy duty press machine

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