Kansai and Siruba Sewing Machines

KANSAI SPECIAL DFB-1412PQ 12-Needle Flat Bed Double Chain Stitch Machine for Simultaneous Shirring with Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $4999.99  
Kansai Special DFB1404-P Flatbed Multi-needle Chainstitch Industrial Sewing Machine with Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $2999.99  
Kansai Special DLR-1502P 2 Needle Double Chainstitch Industrial Sewing Machine with Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $2499.99  
Kansai Special DLR1502PE-TB-Z Twin Needle Chainstitch Zip Machine with Table and Motor
Our Price: $4999.00  
KANSAI SPECIAL FX-4404P 4 Needle Cylinder Bed Chainstitch Industrial Sewing Machine with Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $2999.99  
KANSAI SPECIAL FX4412P-UTC 12 Needle Cylinder Bed Double Chainstitch Industrial Sewing Machine with Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $6499.99  
Kansai Special NR-9803GCC-UTE 3-Needle Cylinder Bed Direct Drive Coverstitch Industrial Sewing Machine
Our Price: $4200.00  
Kansai Special NW-8803GMG 3-Needle Top & Bottom Flat Bed Coverstitch With Binding Fittings Industrial Sewing Machine With Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $1699.99  
​Kansai Special FBX-1104PR 4 Needle Waistband With Puller Industrial ​Industrial Sewing Machine With Table and Servo Motor​
Our Price: $3299.00  

Kansai and Siruba Sewing Machine

Kansai and Siruba industrial sewing machines are multi-needle chain stitch sewing machines that are typically used in the clothing industry. The two machines are used worldwide and make fabulous items.

Kansai Sewing Machines 

Kansai machines operate smoothly and efficiently. They can sew heavy and lightweight waistbands such as jean material and woven material that can be tough for regular machines. They are also used for long stitching, connecting line tapes, lap seaming, inserting elastic, and cuffing suits and blazers. Kansai machines are great for sewing more than three lines of thread for clothing that requires it.

Kansai machines have solved common issues like twisting and puckering. Material slippage has also been removed from Kansai machines due to their multi-needle double chain stitch. You can use up to 3 needles, have 5 threads going and make 8 to 16 stitches per inch. 

The Kansai 8803D sewing machine uses 90% less power than clutch motors, is 1/3 of the weight of clutch motors, and you can reverse your motor rotation with a single switch. Lastly, no matter how hard your foot presses against the pedal, the configured speed remains the same, making it easy to use for advanced sewers and those who are beginning their sewing journey. 

Kansai machines are made for all who enjoy switching between high-speed projects and lower speed projects. These machines make the switch seamless so you can control your speed and focus on stitching. 

Siruba Sewing Machines

 Siruba machines are always evolving with technology. They keep their details of every step under close watch and make sure they get the best products to their customers. Their best selling overlock machines fit with their various sewing machine products and have the craftsman's touch. Siruba machines are also built to make jeans, but also knitwear and sportswear.

The Siruba HSO-747D Overlock Sewing Machine has 2 needles and 4 thread capability. It also has color-coded threading charts that give you fast and easy threading. The Siruba machine has feeds that differentiate and prevent wavy seams in knitted fabrics and movements between the different layers of the materials. Aside from those preventions, it also gives pucker-free seams for your more lightweight fabrics. 

No matter where you are in your crafting skills, there are always things you have to double-check. This Siruba machine comes with an adjustable machine chart that helps you sew beautifully every time based on the stiffness or the thickness of your fabric and thread size.

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Siruba and Kansai industrial machines can be used easily by beginners or more advanced crafters. Be sure to check out their features by clicking on each photo. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to contact us!