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Oil Filter - JUKI #131-42500
Oil Filter - JUKI #131-42500

Oil Filter - JUKI #131-42500

Oil Filter - JUKI #131-42500
SKU: 131-42500
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: JUKI
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Oil Filter - JUKI 

Part Number - 131-42500
Alternate Part Number - 118-43208
Can Be Used As - 31-222 Kansai, S08956-100 Juki, 206233 Pegasus, 3100345 Yamato


  • JUKI Models:  MO-6700S-0E4, MO-6714S-BE, MO-6716S-DE4, MO-6904S-0E4, MO-6914S-BE6, MO-6916S-DE, MO-6904R-0E4, MO-6914R-BE6, MO-6916R-DE4, MO-6700S Series, MO-6100D, MO-6904C-0E6, MO-6914C-BE6, MO-6904G-0F6, MO-6914G-CH6, MO-6916G-FH6, MO-6904J-0F6, MO-6914J-CH6, MO-6916J-FH6, MF-7500 SERIES, MF-7800D, MF-7700D, MF-7200D, MF-7900 Series, MF-7500D SERIES, MF-7900D SERIES, MF-7700, MF-7800, ASN-690/SC-921, ASN-690/SC-510
  • Union Special Models:  FS315L61, FS315L62, FS315L63, FS322C01, FS322E12, FD322H01, FD322L01, FS332C01, FS332E12, FS332H01, FS332L21, FS335E41, FS335E42 

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