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Prong Rivets - Sunburst
Prong Rivets - Sunburst

Prong Rivets - Sunburst

Prong Rivets - Sunburst
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Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty Press Hole Punch Dies
Heavy Duty Press for Grommets, Snaps, Buttons & Rivets (1 die set)
Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty Press Die Sets for Grommets, Snaps, Buttons & Rivets

Prong Rivets - Sunburst

Prong Rivets are designed to be used as a decorative element on apparel,  mixed media crafts,  wristbands,  and wood.  These are decorative rivets that are made using the finest grade material for added durability,  and apart from this,  the quality finish makes it abrasion resistant too.  The prongs are sturdy enough to be attached securely to any surface.  The sunburn design of the rivets lends a classic touch and makes it look unique when embedded.  Crafter uses the grooved rivets for mixed media and canvas projects.  Use a setting tool to push the fabric rivets smoothly through the surface and fix it without hampering the surface.


  • DECOR ACCESSORY:  A perfect designer accessory that not just helps to create beautiful designs but also helps to join two pieces together.  It helps to accessorize any material, including wood and fabric too.  The decorative rivets add details and design to the desired material.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN:  The fashion rivets feature a classic Sunburst design that makes it unique and visually appealing.  The quality finish of the rivets adds to the charm and makes it an essential element to be added in craftwork,  wood,  or clothes too.
  • CONSTRUCTION:  The Sunburst-designed rivets are made using premium material that withstands everyday wear and tear.  It is abrasion-resistant, and special plating ensures a smooth and properly finished surface.  The prongs are sturdy enough to attach securely to most materials.
  • VERSATILE:  The grooved designer rivet is used as a decorative material on wristbands,  handbags,  and trousers.  It securely attaches to rubber,  leather,  wood,  and fabrics that include canvas,  denim,  or leather.

Sold in Packs of 100 or 1000.

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