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Installation Guide: Non-Stick Seat Replacement for Cissell ACA1000 Lowboy Iron

Tools Required:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Pliers

Step 1: Preparation

  • Ensure that the iron is unplugged and cool to the touch.
  • Remove the iron from the stand and place it on a stable surface.
  • Locate the non-stick seat, which is positioned directly beneath the iron.

Step 2: Removal of Old Seat

  • Remove the four screws holding the old seat in place using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Carefully lift off the old seat and set it aside.
  • Check that no screws have been left behind, and remove them if necessary.

Step 3: Installation of New Seat

  • Position the new non-stick seat, ensuring it is aligned with the screw holes.
  • Use a Phillips head screwdriver to attach the new seat with the four screws provided.
  • Tighten the screws to ensure they are secure but do not over-tighten.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

  • Reattach the iron to the stand using the flat-head screwdriver and pliers if necessary.
  • Plug in the iron and test it to ensure it functions properly.

Additional Tips:

  • When removing the old seat, be careful not to damage any components.
  • Do not strip the threads when tightening the screws to avoid damaging the iron.
  • If you encounter any issues during installation, consult the manufacturer's manual or their support team for assistance.

Following these simple steps, you can easily replace the non-stick seat in your Cissell ACA1000 lowboy iron. This replacement will improve the performance of your iron by reducing the risk of sticking while also providing better protection against scratches and damage.


  • Cissell Models: ACA1000 lowboy

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