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Sewing Machine Feet & Attachments Pegasus

We've all heard the saying that "it's the little things in life that matter most." That's certainly true with a sewing machine's small, removable pieces. Little parts like feet and attachments are essential to your machine's operation. When a part, adapter, or attachment needs replacement, that's where GoldStar Tool can help.

Your machine should have come with a couple of standard presser feet. However, there are so many more options available that can handle any number of tasks, such as quilting, hemming, and appliques. We carry a vast assortment of all types of sewing machine presser feet and accessories. And, if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us to see how we can help.

If you are new to presser feet, be sure to read more below so we can help you decide on the right product for your next project.

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Sewing Machine Feet and Attachments

Choosing the Right Sewing Machine Feet: Snap-On? Low Shank? High Shank?

Most machines made since the 1980s use snap-on presser feet, with the exception of Berninas, which will need an adaptor. If your machine's foot isn't attached with a screw, it's a snap-on part that is connected with a shank adaptor. Most Viking, Brother, Pfaff, and Japanese-made machines use snap-on feet.

However, if the presser foot screws on, then it is either a high shank, low shank, or a slant shank machine. If you are uncertain what you have, it's easy to measure.

Lower the presser foot and measure the distance from the bottom of the presser foot to the screw-hole secures the foot to the presser bar.

Here is the difference:

  • A high shank machine (which is often an industrial sewing machine) sits about 1¼” from the presser foot screw to the bottom of the foot. These machines use high shank feet. Some home models, such as those by Necchi and New Home, as well as the Pfaff 1200 series, also have high shanks.
  • A low shank machine sits about ¾” from the presser foot screw to the bottom of the foot. These machines use the Low Shank Sewing Feet.
  • A slant shank is a slightly angled shank made for specific Singer models in the 60s and 70s. These feet are changed by unscrewing a bolt, replacing the foot, and screwing the bolt back in.

Once you know what type machine you have, it’s easy to find the right presser feet and other parts to go with it. From basic replacement presser feet to specialty feet like the snap-on buttonhole foot and the button foot (no more hand-sewing flat buttons!), there are sewing machine feet that can take care of many different functions.

What’s A Presser Foot Used For?

Whatever purpose it’s designed for, sewing machine presser feet all have a basic function: to hold the fabric against the machine’s throat plate and keep it in place while you sew.

Most feet, such as the walking foot and roller foot, assist the fabric while it’s in motion. Others, such as the button foot and the free motion foot, hold the fabric down away from the feed dogs so you can stitch as you like. A zipper foot allows you to sew closer to the chain of a zipper in a straight line while avoiding broken needles.

Our Daisy Flower Stitch Presser Foot for Sewing Machines fits most low-shank sewing machines with a simple snap-on foot. With it, you can turn your regular home machine into a flower-embroidering one.

Sewing with Walking Feet

Does your machine need a little help when it comes to heavier items like quilts, denim, thicker fabrics, “sticky” fabrics, or multiple layers of fabric? 

The walking foot is what your machine needs to take care of the bigger, thicker-than-usual sewing jobs. Simply take off your normal foot and shank adapter and install a walking foot to add top-side feed dogs that hold your fabric from the top side, giving you better control while you sew. (Note: walking feet only work on straight stitches in a forward direction.)

Also called “even feed foot” or “dual feed foot,” and they ensure that fabric is fed evenly on top and bottom. For the home sewer, we carry two different walking feet:

Both work with low shank home machines and will keep your fabric from puckering and sliding during stitching.

Your Sewing Machine’s Shank Adaptors Make Projects Go Faster

Some machines require unscrewing a bolt to change the presser foot, and other machines use feet that snap on and snap off.

A shank adaptor allows you to use universal snap-on feet no matter what brand machine you have, allowing you to change to a different type of presser foot. If your foot doesn’t snap on and off like it used to, you may need a new one. We carry shank adaptors for both high shank and low shank machines so your machine will work like new again. Our affordable pricing means you can purchase spares, and we even offer a bundled low shank adaptor and a snap-on zigzag foot.

Why Buy Presser Feet and Accessories from GoldStar Tool?

Small parts can break or give out when you least expect it, but we can help. Our entire collection of sewing machine feet and accessories for all types of machines is on our website, including over 100 snap-on presser feet. If you need help deciding on the right presser feet for your sewing machine or machines, contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-868-4419.