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Sewing Machine Folders & Binders

Folders & binders in this section are made only for industrial sewing machines, unless stated otherwise. For home machines, please see the presser feet section.

Custom binders and folders: we offer custom folders and binders for all of your manufacturing needs. These high quality parts are machined to your exact specifications. Please contact us for more information.

Adjustable Bias Binder Presser Foot - BabyLock #ESG-ABB
Our Price: $9.99   Market Price: $26.00
Save: $16.01 per unit
1/4" Brother Low Shank Binding Foot #SA109
Our Price: $9.99  
3 Needle Coverstitch Binder Presser Foot #94909
Our Price: $39.99  
Adjustable Cloth Guide Binding Tool
Our Price: $19.99   Market Price: $60.99
Save: $41.00 per unit
Adjustable Swing Edge Guide Gauge Kit With Mounting Screws
Our Price: $14.99  
Belt Loop Folder for Coverstitch and Double Needle #S66
Our Price: $29.99  
Bias Tape Slant Shank Binding Foot #6289
Our Price: $7.99  
Collarette Binder Top Mount #1864
Our Price: $29.99  
Coverstitch Collarette Clean Finish Binder #s124B
Our Price: $29.99  
Double Fold Binder / Binding Attachment Folder #508L
Our Price: $34.99  
Heavy Duty Tape & Ribbon Rack
Our Price: $39.99  
Industrial Sewing Machine Swing Gauge #5812
Our Price: $9.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $10.00 per unit
Industrial Sewing Machine Zipper Attachment And Folder - DY-413
Our Price: $69.99  
Magnetic ​Sewing Machine Gauge Guide
Our Price: $4.99  
Pegasus - L32/L42 Chain Cutter #303753​
Our Price: $199.99  
Raw Edge Plain Tape Binder Binding Attachment #100LS
Our Price: $29.99  
Right Angle Binder Set - #S60
Our Price: $34.99   Market Price: $69.99
Save: $35.00 per unit
Sewing Machines T Gauge (2-1/2")
Our Price: $3.99  
Shirt Tail Hemmer Set Clean Finish #S70
Our Price: $19.99  
Single Fold Down Turn Hemmer #S75D
Our Price: $24.99  
Single Fold Up Turn Hemmer #S75U
Our Price: $29.99  
Swing Hemmers For Lockstitch Machines Clean Edge Type #S72L
Our Price: $14.99  
Table Mount Coverstitch Collarette Binder #S124A
Our Price: $29.99  
Ball Hemmer Foot Double Fold High Shank - #490358
Our Price: $14.99  
Hemming Presser Foot and Folder Set - #F502​
Our Price: $29.99  
Quilters Swing Sewing Guide For Industrial Sewing Machine​s
Our Price: $19.99   Market Price: $39.99
Save: $20.00 per unit
Raw Edge Binder Set #S64​
Our Price: $29.99