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Sewing Machine Needles 135x17
Sewing Machine Needles 135x17
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Sewing Machine Needles 135x17

Sewing Machine Needles 135x17
Product Pictures
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Sewing Machine Needles 135x17

These titanium-nitride ceramic finish 135x17 needles have a round top and are more resistant to wear than other types of needles.  When embroidering large stitch designs or penetrating very abrasive, dense or tough materials these needle points and surface will maintain its original shape and dimension 3 to 5 times longer.  Because titanium needles are made of stronger material they will last longer on tougher applications.


  • 135x17 for Upholstery 
  • 135x16 for Leather Vinyl Industrial Sewing Machines


Artisan Machine Models:
29, 611, 618, 618-1SC, 797, 797AB-800/AB/ABN, 797AB LTHR/ABNS LTHR, 2618, 2698, 4400, 4400-25/LTHR, 4420, 4420-25, 6191 and SC LTHR

Brother Machine Models:
DB2-B727, DB2-B797, DB2-B798, LS2-B837, LS2-B877, LS2-B891, LS3-C51, LS3-C53 and LT2-B838

Chandler Machine Models:

Consew Machine Models:
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Mitsubishi Machine Models:
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Alternative Part Numbers Include #145646-0-23, #SY3355, #MR4, #DPX17, #MC-3720016-00, #MC-3515016-00

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