TM-300C Pneumatic Tagging Machine
TM-300C Pneumatic Tagging Machine

** Requires air compressor (not included)

** Needle types are not interchangeable.  For example if you choose Standard Needle machine you can not use fine needles or vice versa

TM-300C Pneumatic Tagging Machine

TM-300C Pneumatic Tagging Machine
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TM-300C Pneumatic Tagging Machine

Pneumatic tagging machines are far superior, faster and more efficient than standard tagging guns. Perfect for tagging thick and stiff materials.  Accuracy and safety assured with infrared ray locating.

  • Upgraded presser foot can compress applied with reduced damage to hand tag.
  • On machine is compatible with two sized of gun head, and only needs to corresponding size of head.
  • Faster tagging speed than our TM-300.
  • On-Off mode can be hand touch or foot switch.
  • Add release tag pin button on electric system which is more convenient to release tag pin.


  • Fine Needle: For fine to medium weight fabric.
  • Standard Needle: For medium weight to heavy weight fabric.