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When it comes to achieving flawless seams and finishes in your sewing projects, investing in a commercial-grade ironing system is key. Whether you're a sewing professional or a tailor, industrial steam irons are the go-to choice for extended hours of worry-free ironing. These heavy-duty irons are equipped with automatic controls that consistently deliver professional results. Despite their robust performance, they boast a compact design that ensures ease of use for everyone involved. With an industrial steam iron, you can confidently tackle any ironing task and achieve impeccable results with every press.

Gravity Steam Iron Silver Star - Consew - #ES-85A
Our Price: $149.99   Market Price: $223.00
Save: $73.01 per unit
Mini Boiler - Consew #SB-400 with Silver Star Iron #SE-2000
Our Price: $499.99   Market Price: $599.99
Save: $100.00 per unit
Mini-Boiler - Pacific Steam #GP-103
Our Price: $518.99   Market Price: $599.99
Save: $81.00 per unit
New-Tech - Split Type Industrial Electric Steam Iron
Our Price: $149.99   Market Price: $399.99
Save: $250.00 per unit
Gravity Feed Steam Iron - Sapporo #SP-527-120V
Our Price: $149.99   Market Price: $199.99
Save: $50.00 per unit
Pacific Steam Electric Gravity-Fed Iron #PSI-5E
Our Price: $219.99  
Pacific Steam Electric Steam Iron 240V With Hose Plug-In Connection #PSI-202H
Our Price: $199.99  
Sapporo SP-210 All Steam Iron
Our Price: $179.99  
Sapporo SP-410-2 All Steam Iron
Our Price: $149.99  
Sapporo Steam Electric Iron
Our Price: $149.99  

Commercial Steam

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Invest in a commercial-grade ironing system when you need perfect seams and finishes on all your sewing projects. Sewing professionals and tailors use industrial steam irons to work for hours without worrying about steam pressure. These heavy-duty irons have automatic controls that deliver professional results every time, and with their compact design, they are easy for everyone to use.

Features and Benefits of Buying a Commercial Steam Iron

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There are several benefits of using commercial steam irons. Their high steam output, adjustable temperature settings, and large water tanks save you time and money, and you can press seams with a smooth, crisp finish every time.

You’ll never run out of steam using a commercial steam iron. These professional irons are used by garment factories, spas, and hotels with large amounts of laundry and fabric that must be pressed. You can achieve consistent, high-quality results, and the large boiler capacity on industrial steam irons lets you work on projects for hours without refilling.

Ready-to-use indicator lights and automatic temperature settings make commercial steam irons suitable for use on many different types of fabrics. When your work requires precise seams, the consistent high steam output helps you achieve better results, and you can remove wrinkles quickly and efficiently all day long.

Here are some other features that you’ll find in commercial steam irons:

  • Custom-designed soleplates that prevent water leakage and reduce sputtering and dripping.
  • Built-in descaling functions that make parts resistant to mineral deposits
  • Compact designs that let you iron between buttons easily.
  • Valve systems that let you refill empty water tanks immediately.
  • Fast steam build-up and steady heat maintenance make ironing faster and easier.
  • It can be paired with add-ons like vacuum ironing boards.
  • No automatic shut-off, so your iron stays hot all day.

Commercial-grade steam ironing systems are the perfect tool for businesses with heavy workloads and charging premium prices for their products.

Types of Commercial Steam Irons

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There are many commercial steam irons, and with various sizes available, they are suitable for many applications.
Most commercial steam iron systems use either steam generators or gravity-fed irons. The main differentiator is that steam generators have boilers, and steam is delivered to the iron from the boiler. With gravity-feed steam irons, water is delivered to a steam chamber in the iron.

With higher pressure and temperatures, steam generator irons deliver dryer steam with less humidity. When not in use, the iron rests horizontally on a silicone pad, not vertically on the ironing .board. Because the soleplate of the iron and the steam boiler have separate thermostats, you can quickly adjust them for different fabrics without losing pressure.

Gravity-feed steam irons are durable irons meant to be turned on and left going all day long. As long as you have water in the tank, you will have steam in the iron. Most brands have interchangeable parts; you can replace everything from the tank to the thermostat.

Home Sewing and Light Commercial Use Steam Irons

For daily use, home sewing, and light commercial applications, look for a commercial steam iron built for light commercial use for up to 3-4 hours at a time.

The Gravity Steam Iron Silver Star ES-85A

The Gravity Steam Iron Silver Star ES-85A is an excellent choice for a commercial-grade steam iron for creating clothing for several reasons.

The U/L-approved thermostat ensures that the iron's temperature stays consistent and accurate, which is critical for achieving professional-quality results. The thermostat is easily replaceable, and it makes maintenance and repair of the iron more accessible and cost-effective.

The iron's special rubber handle keeps hands super cool, making it comfortable to use for extended periods without causing hand fatigue. This feature is particularly important in commercial settings where the iron may be used for several hours.

The stainless steel and hard-anodized base provide superior pressing surface durability, ensuring that the iron's soleplate remains smooth and scratch-resistant over time. This feature is crucial for producing high-quality clothing without damaging the fabric.

The iron's specifications, including its wattage of 1000W, and the size of its base (8¼” x 4¾”), make it suitable for commercial use, as it can provide a consistent and high level of steam production required for effective and efficient clothing pressing. Additionally, the included water bottle and filter make it easy to refill the iron with water while ensuring that it is free from impurities.

The Gravity Steam Iron Silver Star ES-85A is an excellent choice for commercial-grade steam iron for creating clothing due to its consistent temperature control, comfortable design, superior pressing surface durability, and high steam production capabilities.

GoldStar Heavy Duty Steam Iron with Boiler

The GoldStar Heavy Duty Steam Iron With Boiler is an advanced ironing system that provides a continuous supply of high-pressure steam. The steam irons typically consist of two main components: a water reservoir (boiler) and an iron connected via a steam hose.

Steam irons with boilers generate a greater volume of steam compared to traditional irons. This is due to the presence of a separate water tank, which provides a continuous supply of water to the boiler, allowing for extended ironing sessions without the need for frequent refills.

These irons can produce steam at higher pressures, resulting in better wrinkle removal and more efficient ironing. The increased steam pressure helps penetrate fabrics effectively, making it easier to eliminate stubborn wrinkles and creases.

The combination of higher steam production and pressure can significantly reduce ironing time. The powerful steam output helps relax the fabric fibers, allowing for smoother and quicker ironing.

This steam iron boilers have a vertical steaming function. This feature enables you to steam hanging garments, curtains, and upholstery without the need for an ironing board. It's useful for refreshing and removing wrinkles from items that are difficult to iron conventionally.

This iron often offers adjustable steam settings, allowing you to customize the steam output based on the fabric type and ironing requirements. Some models also have additional features like a burst of steam or a continuous steam option.

To prevent the build-up of mineral deposits and ensure optimal performance, many steam irons with boilers incorporate anti-scale and self-cleaning systems. These features help prolong the iron's lifespan and maintain steam output efficiency.

Heavy Commercial Use Steam Irons

If you’re running a busy hotel laundry, a large care home, or a drapery business, you need a quality steam generator iron for continuous use for up to 8 hours daily.

Mini-Boiler - Pacific Steam #GP-103

The Mini-Boiler - Pacific Steam #GP-103 is the perfect handheld device for pressing and finishing. A mini-boiler typically refers to a compact steam generator or boiler that is designed for small-scale or specialized steam applications. These devices are often used in various industries such as garment care, dry cleaning, tailoring, or for specific steam-related tasks.

Mini-boilers are designed to be smaller and more portable than traditional boilers, making them suitable for limited spaces or on-the-go applications.

Mini-boilers are capable of generating steam, which can be used for tasks such as ironing clothes, steam cleaning, sterilizing equipment, or providing steam for small-scale industrial processes.

Mini-boilers can reach the desired steam pressure relatively quickly, allowing for efficient operation in applications that require fast steam availability.

Like larger boilers, mini-boilers often include safety features such as pressure relief valves and temperature controls to ensure safe operation and prevent any potential accidents.

Some mini-boilers are designed with energy-saving features, such as quick start-up times and efficient steam production, which can help conserve energy and reduce operating costs.

Consew SB-400 Mini Boiler with SE-2000 Silverstar Iron

The Consew SB-400 Mini Boiler With SE-2000 Silverstar Iron serves as the steam generator or boiler in the system.

  • Compact design: The mini boiler is designed to be space-saving and portable, making it suitable for smaller workspaces or on-the-go applications.
  • Quick heat-up time: The mini boiler has a rapid heat-up time, allowing for efficient steam generation in a short period.
  • Large water capacity: It typically has a substantial water capacity to provide extended ironing sessions without frequent refills.
  • Pressure gauge: The boiler is equipped with a pressure gauge to monitor and adjust the steam pressure as needed.
  • Safety features: The SB-400 is designed with safety features such as a pressure relief valve and a low-water indicator to ensure safe operation.

SE-2000 Silverstar Iron:

The SE-2000 Silverstar Iron is the accompanying iron in the system. 

  • Heavy-duty construction: The iron is built to withstand professional use and has durable construction for long-lasting performance.
    Steam control: It offers adjustable steam settings, allowing the user to customize the steam output based on the fabric type and ironing requirements.
  • Comfortable grip: The iron is designed with an ergonomic handle for comfortable use during extended ironing sessions.
  • Nonstick soleplate: The soleplate of the iron is typically coated with a nonstick material to ensure smooth gliding over fabrics and prevent sticking.
  • Vertical steaming: The SE-2000 often has a vertical steaming function, enabling the steaming of hanging garments or fabrics without the need for an ironing board.

The Consew SB-400 Mini Boiler with SE-2000 Silverstar Iron is commonly used in professional garment care, dry cleaning establishments, tailoring shops, and other commercial settings that require efficient and high-quality steam ironing.

Buying Guide for Commercial Steam Irons

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Carefully examine these important features when you’re purchasing a commercial steam iron:

  • Power - The higher the wattage, the faster the steam will build up. Look for an iron with around 1500 watts or more if you need fast recovery times.
  • Size - Consider the size of the water tank and soleplate.
  • Weight - Lightweight irons are best for extended usage, but heavier irons are more durable.
  • Temperature and steam settings - Automatic and adjustable settings make your job easier when you need to make quick adjustments for a variety of fabric types.
  • Interchangeable and replaceable parts - You may have to pay more upfront for a quality machine, but they usually have replaceable parts, which means you’ll save in the long run.
  • Brands - Look for quality brand names that have good reviews.
  • Price - There’s a wide range of prices, but since commercial steam irons are expensive, you can save a lot of money by shopping around.
  • Additional features - Special features like descaling functions and retractable cords.

Always read customer reviews and check warranty information when you’re purchasing a commercial steam iron.

Maintenance and Care for Irons

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Like all equipment, regular maintenance of your commercial steam irons will ensure that it lasts longer. After each use, empty the tank and set the thermostat to its lowest setting. Most commercial steam generator irons have automatic descaling functions, but you may need to set the control to self-clean mode to activate it. Some models also have filters that need to be replaced regularly.

Untreated water is recommended for use in your iron. However, you can use a 50/50 mix of untreated and distilled water if you have hard water. Hard water contains higher levels of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which can be beneficial for steam irons used in the commercial garment industry. The minerals in hard water can help prevent the buildup of mineral deposits in the iron's internal components, such as the steam vents and water tank, which can affect its performance over time.

Hard water can produce more steam due to its minerals, which help produce steam as they have high boiling points. This makes hard water ideal for use in commercial-grade steam irons, which require a consistent and high level of steam production for effective and efficient clothing pressing.

However, hard water can also cause scaling on the iron's soleplate, which can affect its ability to glide smoothly over fabric. To protect your iron, it's essential to regularly clean the iron's soleplate with a non-abrasive material to remove any buildup. Using cleaners or solvents on the iron can damage its internal components and reduce its lifespan. Therefore, sticking to untreated or distilled water and avoiding using any cleaning agents is advisable.

Lastly, it is important to store the iron on its base when not in use and avoid placing it on rough surfaces or running it over zippers and buttons, which can cause damage to the soleplate or internal components.

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