Rhinestone Rivets - Hematite

Rhinestone Rivets - Hematite

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Rhinestone Rivet is a crafting and fashion accessory made of gunmetal trim and Hematite crystal studded over.  It upgrades the look of the leather or the art work.  It is often used for sewing,  jewelry making,  and scrapbooking,  making cards and decorating bridal outfits.  The ornamental rivet is easy to install using a snap on cap bottom that can be used manually with a hammer and setting tool.  The hematite rivet can be used by artists indulged in do-it-yourself projects such as leather crafting,  decorating bags,  belts,  jeans,  and jacket.  The rhinestone rivet gives shirts and skirts a formal appeal and can be used as cufflinks in shirts,  making them more presentable and classic.


  • VERSATILE RIVET:  Often used to upgrade leather or art work,  studded rivets are specimen of fine workmanship and intricate craftwork.  They are ideal for sewing,  jewelry making, scrapbooking,  card making and decorating bridal outfits.
  • METALLIC CONSTRUCTION:  Commonly used in the fashion industry,  the rivet has a gunmetal trim and Hematite crystal studded over making the rivet more attractive.  It can be used to join leather or fabric together using the tools and mallet.
  • DIY SUPPLY:  This rhinestone rivet is often used by artists working on do-it-yourself projects such as leather crafting,  decorating bags,  belts,  jeans,  jacket,  dog collar,  ribbons,  packages,  canvas and more.
  • FASHION ACCESSORY:  The metal rivet is a wardrobe staple and can be used with formal shirts and skirts.  They can be added as cufflinks or as buttons/fasteners to shirts,  making them more presentable.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:  The garment rivet measures 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm in diameter. Post length is 5mm. It is available in a pack of 100 & 1000.  The pack consists of Chrystal stud and a cap bottom.

Our special plating process to makes for shiny smooth finished rivets. Use with our other coordinating hardware.

To apply your rivets you may be interested in our grommet press machine and die set

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