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November 09 2021
How to Replace and Repair Your Shoelaces at Home

By: GoldStar Tool

If your shoelaces aren’t looking as neat and new as they once did, it likely has something to do with the aglet. The aglet is the metal or plastic end tip on your shoelaces that helps to keep them from fraying or falling apart over time.

November 04 2021
DIY Fall Leaves Coasters

By: GoldStar Tool

As fall rolls around and the leaves change, there are so many creative and easy ways to include themes and images of the season in your home decor, allowing your family to feel all the coziness and warmth that autumn can bring. 

November 02 2021
What is an Impulse Sealer, and Do I Need One?

By: GoldStar Tool

Sealing items into cardboard boxes is easy with everyday tools like packing tape and a tape dispenser. Oftentimes, you’ll need a unique tool to make sure that your plastic packages are sealed to safety standards. That tool is known as an impulse sealer.

October 28 2021
How to Make Wings for Your Child's Halloween Costume

By: GoldStar Tool

Who hasn’t wanted wings at some point? With this tutorial, you can make a set of wings for your child for Halloween. It’s easy, and you don’t even need a sewing machine to do it (although you could use one).

October 26 2021
7 Ways Crafting Can Improve Your Health

By: GoldStar Tool

Having a hobby is a great stress relief, and crafting is a pastime enjoyed by millions across the globe. Did you know hobbies can also help with depression and general mood lift? 

October 21 2021
Homemade Jedi Robe Costume for Children and Adults

By: GoldStar Tool

Halloween is a time to dress up for children and adults alike. This Jedi robe costume is quick and easy to make with your sewing machine—no complicated pattern necessary! 

October 19 2021
Helpful Quilting Tools Every Beginner Should Have

By: GoldStar Tool

Quilting is a great way to use and cultivate your creativity. Though every new hobby has a learning curve, having the right quilting tools can be immensely helpful. 

October 15 2021
GoldStar Tool is Having a Halloween Sale!

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This Halloween sale is 10% OFF sitewide! **Exclusions apply to all sewing machines. Use the coupon code: SPOOKY10 from NOW until November 1!

October 14 2021
DIY Trick-or-Treat Halloween Banner

By: GoldStar Tool

When fall is in the air, you know Halloween isn’t too far behind. This DIY trick-or-treat banner is easy to make, and you don’t need a sewing machine (although one may be helpful for a particular seam). 

October 12 2021
5 Reasons Why It’s Beneficial to Teach Children How to Sew

By: GoldStar Tool

Sewing is handy to know for stitching up a tear in a shirt or teddy bear or replacing a button. Teaching these simple things to children will not only teach them lifelong valuable and practical skills, but it may also open the door to a world of creativity. 

October 07 2021
DIY Halloween Table Runner Made from Scraps of Material

By: GoldStar Tool

Halloween novelty fabrics are fun and often brightly colored and will bring some fall colors inside. What better way to add a touch of Halloween than by this table runner, which is quick and easy with your sewing machine? You can also use Halloween cloth scraps you’ve been saving.

Pick a striking fabric for the back, and it can be reversible. Depending on the material you use, it may shrink a little when you wash it, so cut it a little bigger. 

Preparation: Select and Cut Fabrics 

If your batting or fabrics are rumpled, iron them on a low setting. Remember, some batting has adhesive, so don’t iron that side. 

Cut the batting and the back fabric (make the back fabric slightly larger than the batting). You can customize the size for any table; any size is a cinch with a sewing machine!

Cut the strips from a mix of brightly colored fabrics and more neutral fabrics. How big you cut them and how many depends on your runner’s size. 

Putting It Together

Putting everything together doesn’t take too long. 

Putting Back and Batting Together

Center the batting on the wrong side of the backing. If your batting has adhesive, iron the batting on with a high setting. If there’s no adhesive, use a quilter’s spray glue. 

Arrange your fabric strips on the backing and batting, then trim the ends. 

Stack the Strips

Starting with the center strip, make two strip stacks in the order they are on the back一 one going right of center and one going left. 

Use Your Sewing Machine

Starting in the center, pin the first strip from the right-side pile to the back. 

Sew a ¼-inch seam down the right edge to secure the strip to the batting and back. 

Press open the seam (careful not to melt the batting). Pressing helps the strips lie neater and flatter, which means the lines will look cleaner. 

Using a left-side pile strip, do the same thing (pin, sew, press). 

Repeat with all the strips, alternating sides. 


To quilt, start in the middle. Using the strips as guides, sew toward the right. 

Come back to the middle and go left. 

Alternate until complete. 

Square off the raw edges. 

Finish It Up

Bind the edge with the sewing machine and give it a quick wash. Now you have a unique and decorative Halloween runner!

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October 05 2021
Your Complete Guide to Singer Sewing Machines

By: GoldStar Tool

Singer has a variety of sewing machines specialized for different applications. This article briefly overviews Singer sewing machines to give you an idea of options.

September 28 2021
Upcycle Your T-Shirts to Nightgowns

By: GoldStar Tool

Upcycling is a fun process for you and your family. Take the kids or your spouse, thrift some t-shirts, and make yourselves new pajamas! It's easy, fun, and you get to spend quality time with your fam! Learn more on the process here.

September 23 2021
7 Tips on Becoming an Independent Sewing Contractor

By: GoldStar Tool

Is finding jobs to grow your independent sewing business something you struggle with? Many people need clothing repairs, custom jobs, alterations, and custom items such as hats, bags, etc. To connect with them, you need to have and know how to use the right advertising tools to target the audience you want. 

September 21 2021
Eco-Friendly Reusable Makeup Removers Pads

By: GoldStar Tool

If you wear makeup, you likely buy disposable makeup remover pads all the time. Not only are you spending money on something you will use for a few minutes and then throw away, the product ultimately ends up in the landfill. Learn more about how to make reusable ones here!