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What is the Difference Between a Home and Industrial Sewing Machine?

By: GoldStarTool

Ever wondered about the differences between a home sewing and an industrial sewing machine? Check out our blog, here. 

10 Habits All Sewers Need to Learn

By: GoldStarTool

Reaching a plateau on certain sewing projects? Check out these 10 habits all sewers need to learn.

DIY: Fun Summer Clutch

By: GoldStarTool

A night out, a day at the beach, or while waiting to get on the next ride at the fair, a summer clutch is perfect for any occasion. This fun project is easy, and it gives beginners the chance to work with sewing a zipper, and if you haven't sewn a zipper before you'll find it surprisingly easy!

How to Easily Clean and Oil Your Sewing Machine

By: GoldStarTool

Have you wondered how to perform the fabled maintenance that your sewing machine needs? Well, it does require maintenance, and it's rather easy to do yourself. Keep in mind that how often you need to clean your machine will depend on how often you sew, and the fabrics you typically use.

Easy DIY Tie Scrunchie

By: GoldStarTool

Who else is loving that scrunchies are making a comeback? They're back, they're easy to sew, and you can make a ton of them from fabric scraps you have lying around, making them one of the best crafts. On top of having these easy to sew projects on hand and today's trends on our side, this scrunchie project is also an excellent way to teach children and teens to sew.

DIY Fun Adjustable Pet Collar

By: GoldStarTool

You can make an adjustable collar for your fur baby that is cute, comfortable, and sturdy. Say goodbye to buying cheap collars every few months and instead opt for a DIY collar.

Top 5 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Sew

By: GoldStarTool

Of the many lost life skills, sewing is pretty high up on the list. Thankfully it is making a comeback, and now we have the chance to give a younger generation this knowledge early on in life. For anyone else who learned to sew as an adult, you probably also spent many hours agonizing over why no one taught you how to handle mischievous sewing machines!

Choosing the Right Grommets for Your Sewing Project

By: GoldStarTool

It's a huge question in the crafting community, and many who are new to sewing tend to choose whatever grommet they feel like rather than the "right" grommet. So, real quick, where do Grommets come into play? 

What to Look for in an Upholstery Sewing Machine

By: GoldStarTool

Unfortunately, most upholstery fabrics are difficult to handle and don’t work well with traditional or standard sewing machines. If you’re having issues with your fabric or sewing machine while working with upholstery, it’s time to upgrade to an upholstery sewing machine. The proper machine will take your projects or crafts from disaster to masterwork in no time.

Altering Your Clothes? Read These Tips First!

By: GoldStarTool

Unfortunately, the clothing industry has yet to find a way to streamline clothing sizes across all suppliers. This leads people to turn to tailoring. For some, this means having a good tailor on speed dial, doing alterations yourself, or struggling with clothes that just don’t fit right.

DIY Reusable Grocery Bag

By: GoldStarTool

All across the country, grocery stores are encouraging customers to reduce the use of plastic bags. Be part of the change to reduce plastic waste and design your own DIY reusable grocery bag instead! These easy to sew and eco-friendly bags can hold a lot of groceries, withstand years of use and look fantastic too!

Tips for Making Better Quilt Blocks

By: GoldStar Tool

Sure, there’s no such thing as perfect, but there’s nothing worse than looking at your beautiful quilt and picking out mistakes. These tips for making near perfect quilt blocks can take your quilting to the next level.

8 Reasons to Join a Sewing Group

By: david h

Sewing can be a lonely hobby, but sewing groups are a great way to get out of the house and check out other people’s work. Here are eight reasons to get together with a sewing group!

4 Reasons You Need a Walking Foot

By: Goldstar Tool

Whether you quilt or sew garments, you should know that a walking foot sewing machine can change your life. A specialty part for sewing machines is critical for straight line quilting but it can generally improve your accuracy and significantly reduce the time you spend sitting at your machine.

Mass Production Sewing Techniques for Your Small Business

By: david h

If you’re running a growing business, production is key. Mass production sewing factories use only tried and true methods that result in a high-quality product for low production costs. Not to mention, they work with extreme efficiency! Here are some tips to streamline your own production practices on a smaller scale.