Kids Craft Series: Superhero Cape and Mask Set

Kids Craft Series: Superhero Cape and Mask Set

We all know that kids are the real heroes. They see the best in the world, and you can make your child a real superhero cape and mask to match! 

You’ll need the basic sewing supplies, including: 

  • Measuring tape
  • Hook & loop
  • Thread
  • An iron
  • 2-yards of fabric
  • 2 sheets of felt
  • 1/4-inch wide elastic

Superhero Mask:

Start with your masks because they’re super easy. 

  • Sketch a mask template and then cut elastic that’s a 1/2-inch longer than your template. 
  • Cut both felt pieces to match, then pin them with the fabric tucked between the layers. 
  • Finally, cut out and sew around the eye holes for a reversible mask! 

Superhero Cape:

  • For the cape, take your fabric and cut it into two 31-inch long pieces, stack them and then fold them in half. 
  • With a white pencil or chalk, put a mark at 11-inches into the fabric from one end, and then 5 1/2-inches in from the other end. 
  • With your measuring tape, draw a line from one marked end to the other, and you should have a long, slightly angled line running across your fabric. Cut on that line. 
  • With a dinner-plate, put the round edge at the top of the "skinny" end of your fabric. Trace a line for the neck, and cut across that line. Give all of your corners a little rounding to take the edge off and clean it up. A rotary cutter works great for this!
  • When you unfurl your fabric bundle, it should look like a cape! Sew around the edges giving the cape a nice hem and leave an opening to turn the project. Just before you turn, notch the curved seam in the neck. 
  • Finally, press your cape and sew the squares of hook & loop into place!  

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