Why Our Professional Shears Are A Game Changer

Why Our Professional Shears Are A Game Changer
GoldStar Tool is known for having the best tailor shears for any type of projects being done. Owning a great pair of professional shears is completely worth it, as it will change the game and make sewing projects so much easier. GoldStar Tool has a wide selection of different shears online, as we will go over the importance of some of those items in detail.  

Which Professional Shears Are Right For Me?

  Once you go for professional shears, you will never want to go back to your old pair of scissors again. If you buy a cheap pair of scissors for your projects, they may not come out as efficient as you would like them to. The blades could be less sharp, the grip could be uncomfortable, or they could be too small for cutting. Especially if you are working with fabric, you need to make sure your shears are very sharp and efficient. They need to have much longer blades, a bigger handle for gripping, and great angles for smooth cuts. Let’s get into detail about some of the most popular shears at GoldStar Tool:
  1. Tailor Shears: Teflon Coated & Non-Stick: These shears come in 9”, 10” or 12”. One of the best benefits of these scissors is that they are non-stick. Especially if you are working with sticky materials, glue, and fabrics, this item will not get affected by anything getting in the way. These shears give you much extra cutting power for heavier fabrics (leathers, canvas, or multiple layers of material). The scissors provide classic offset handles produce clean even cuts along table surfaces. To view more product details and purchase the Teflon coated tailor shears, click here for just $19.99.
  2. 9” pinking shears with soft plastic handles: Our yellow and blue griped pinking shears are easy to use and great for craft projects. If you are a lover of DIY projects around the house, these are the perfect shears to go with. They have 9” soft plastic handles, which are easier to use then heavier shears when doing simple crafts. Another great use for these scissors is to cut swatches. The greatest benefit of these shears is that they have sawtooth blades to create a zigzag pattern. You can view and shop these pinking shears here: for just $14.99.
  3. Westcott titanium bonded scissors: Westcott is a very reliable brand of efficient scissors for any type of project. These durable shears offer soft grip handles for extra comfort while cutting away. Westcott titanium bonded scissors are also 3 times harder than stainless steel, as the blades stay sharper & resist any stickiness that comes your way during sewing projects. Although these scissors are very lightweight, they are durable enough for any type of project. Did we mention they have a lifetime warranty? You can view the Westcott Titanium bonded scissors here for just $4.99.
buy tailor shearsThe right professional shears can be hard to find, but GoldStar Tool has a wide selection to pick from! Our products include sizing and details, so you can find your perfect fit. Click here to shop the entire selection of scissors