Sewing Silk Fabrics: Do’s and Don'ts

Silk is a beautiful fabric material used for many different clothing pieces. From luxuriously stunning silk robes and lingerie to elegant button-up blouses and dresses, this material is desired by and worn by many! Since there are a few essential requirements when working with silk, it is recommended to make sure you are thoroughly prepared before starting a silk project. A rotary cutter and specific pens for fabric are just a few of the tools you will need to create a successful look.  

3 Tips For Sewing Projects

  The first tip to getting your silk fabrics right is by prewashing the material. Since silk is very delicate and can get easily damaged, washing it beforehand will ensure that there are no watermarks. It would be a shame for water to splash on your new design and ruin your pieces, so washing lightly with room temperature water and laundry detergent is highly recommended. If your silk is of good quality, all of the water will evaporate once dry. Always hang-dry your fabric, because the dryer can ruin and shrink your material. The second tip is to invest in a good-quality fabric pen, such as the ones GoldStar Tool carries. If you get a pen that is not meant for silk fabrics, the ink can bleed through and damage it. When sewing, marking where you need to make cuts is essential, and you can do so with the air/water erasing pen for fabric on the GoldStar Tool carries. These pens come in a six-pack for just $5.99, and work excellent with all fabric types! The third tip is to use a rotary cutter when working with silk projects. Silk is very smooth and can slip out of your hands. This means that when laid out on a table, it could potentially move around and mess up your measurements. Having a rotary cutter can secure your fabric from any shifting that may occur. It will also cut your material perfectly, as it has a sharp and efficient blade. Luckily, GoldStar Tool has a vast selection of rotary cutters for you to choose from, that can meet your project needs!   There are many more tips and tricks for sewing silk fabrics. We hope that these three important tips will help with your next silk project!

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