Kids Craft Series: Sock Snakes DIY Project

Kids Craft Series: Sock Snakes DIY Project

Any excuse to add a new friend to the soft-toy mix, we’re game. And when you can do it on a crazy low budget, or for free, that’s even better. 

Sock snakes are great for pretend play or to just cuddle up, giving you a great alternative from your traditional stuffed bear. Get creative, have fun, and get out of spending a ton at the craft store. 

What will you need? Supplies are easy:

  • Socks – matching, non-matching, it doesn’t matter! Knee socks work best. 
  • Glue gun
  • Googly eyes, buttons, or embroidery thread for eyes
  • Felt or ribbon (tongue)
  • Scissors
  • Rice or beans

Before you start your sock snake, you’ll want to determine where to position your snake’s face. Realistically it’s more efficient to do it at the open end. Then you can hot glue the sock shut with its tongue in place for its mouth. 

However, you can also put the face across the toes and close the open end with a tight stitch or hot glue. 

Make a Snake!

First, fill up your sock with tons of rice or beans, whichever you have a surplus of around the house. Even little kids, as young as three can do this on their own. It’s a great way to let them take control and gain some confidence, especially if you’ve noticed that your little one is really trying to “do” things themselves. 

Then, clip out a tongue in general snake-tongue shape from ribbon or felt. Glue that tongue down into the center of the sock opening and let it dry. When that’s dry, you can glue the whole opening shut. 

Glue on eyes, buttons, or takeover and sew on some eyes (you should also take over if you are using a hot glue gun). 

You don’t have to stop there. Glue on spots or stripes, or make designs with pipe cleaners. The great thing about kids’ crafts is that they can let their imagination run wild. Let them take the reins on this project!

Once you are finished, we’d love to see your sock snake! Be sure to share your new friend on social media and tag us in your post!