Valentines Day Gifts: Sewing Machine Tables & More!

Valentines Day Gifts: Sewing Machine Tables & More!

Valentine’s Day is such a beautiful holiday, as it is a day to spend time with your special someone and show them how much you care for them. Some people struggle with gift giving ideas for Valentine’s Day especially when your Valentine is a sewer or crafter. GoldStar Tool is a great place to pick up supplies and tools for your crafting sweetheart.

For those who are looking to create DIY projects as a gift for their mate, GoldStar Tool has all the tools you need to get your project done before the holiday with our wide selection of sewing machine tables, sewing thread stands and more.

DIY Projects Using Our Sewing Thread Stands & Table

Many different projects could be done using all of our supplies. Here are some unique and creative gift ideas you could sew & make for your loved one:

-A fluffy pillow with sewn-in hearts.
-A heart fabric sleeve for your to-go coffee cups
-‘XOXO’ decorated placemats
-A pink sweater with ‘I Love You’ on the back
-A pencil case for work or school
& much more.

Sewing Thread Stand Online

There are many ways to impress your significant other this Valentine’s Day. Sewing them something to show your appreciation should make them very happy. With so many sewing machines to choose from on our site, any sewing project is possible. Adding a sewing table to your work can increase your productivity and give you that extra space you need to get your projects done. You can sit back and relax while watching your project come to life as our table holds your machine steady and in an ergonomic position. This item is perfect for both commercial and home use. You can purchase our sewing machine table here, for just $199.99.

Another item that will surely help you with your Valentine’s Day projects is our sewing thread stands, such as the three and five spool thread holder stand. This specific product is perfect for embroidery, sewing, and quilting. We know that spool could get tangled or unorganized in your sewing area, which is why this machine helps keep it assembled and ready for use. You can store up to 15 bobbins at a time and even additional sewing supplies such as rulers and pins.
You could view our sewing thread stand here for just $19.99!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Show the one you love that you appreciate them being in your life. Use coupon code SewInLove to get a 14% discount on some unique holiday items!
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!