Sewing Machine Needles Organ

One of the most important, and changeable, parts of your sewing machine is the needle and knowing which one you should use can depend on the type of stitch you want to create and the type of fabric you plan on sewing.   

Having additional sewing machine needles around is a great idea as you want to change them out regularly. Your sewing machine needle should be changed out after every two to three garments, or if you hit a pin.

Not changing your sewing machine needles regularly can result in needles that are blurred, bent, or blunt. This can then damage your fabric.

On the other hand, using the incorrect needle can result in skipped or uneven stitches. See below to see what type of needle you should be using.

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Organ - Industrial Sewing Machine Needle System 134R / 135×5 / 135×7
Our Price: $3.99  
Standard Home Sewing Machine Needles (15X1, HAX1, 130/705H)
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​Organ - Coverstitch/Chainstitch Industrial Sewing Machine Needle System #UYX128GAS​
Our Price: $3.99  

The Structure of the Sewing Machine Needle

All sewing machine needles are structured the same way, but the parts that make up the needle may vary in shape and size.

All sewing machine needles include:

Choosing the Right Type of Sewing Machine Needle

Recommended Sewing Machine Needles for Your Fabric