Sewing Notions

At, the online division of Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies, we carry a full range of sewing accessories and sewing notions for all of your clothing and fabric needs. Our sewing accessories and sewing notions include everything from seam rippers and threaders to measuring tape and marking pens. .

Sewing Hook & Eyes
Our Price: $4.99  
Sewing Machine Lint Brush, single sided
Our Price: $2.99  
Sewing Machine Needle Inserter & Threader
Our Price: $4.99   Market Price: $9.99
Save: $5.00 per unit
Sewing Machine Screw Driver CHOOSE SIZE
Our Price: $3.99  
Sewing Machine Screwdriver Set
Our Price: $3.00  
Shirt Collar Buttoner
Our Price: $3.99  
Snap 'N Measure Body Measurement Tape
Our Price: $4.99  
Surgical Seam Ripper
Our Price: $4.99   Market Price: $9.99
Save: $5.00 per unit
Swim Suit Bra Hooks by Dritz BLACK, WHITE, or CLEAR (pack of 2)
Our Price: $2.49  
Thimble, Adustable Ring, Nickel
Our Price: $2.99  
Thimble, Finger-Fit Leather with Metal Tip
Our Price: $3.50   Market Price: $9.99
Save: $6.49 per unit
Thimble, Plastic Circle Ring with Leather (1 pc)
Our Price: $3.49  
Thimble, Plastic Ring with Thread Cutter (1 pc)
Our Price: $3.49  
Thimble, Quilter's Soft Deerskin Leather
Our Price: $3.50  
Thimbles - Nickel
Our Price: $0.99  
Thimbles, Plastic, Red or Green (10 pc)
Our Price: $3.99  
Thimbles, Zinc Alloy Gold (2 pc)
This item is sold out
Third Hand Tool for hemming, embroidery, hand-sewing
Our Price: $12.99   Market Price: $21.99
Save: $9.00 per unit
Thread Cutter Pendant
Our Price: $3.95  
Thread Cutter Pendant ERGONOMIC 28mm
Our Price: $3.95  
Trouser / Skirt Bars & Hooks with Prong (no-sew) NICKEL (24 Sets)
Our Price: $3.99  
Trouser / Skirt Hooks & Bars BLACK (24 sets)
Our Price: $2.99  
Trouser / Skirt Hooks & Bars NICKEL (24 sets)
Our Price: $3.99  
Twill Cotton Iron-On Patches by Dritz
Our Price: $2.99  
Wearable Pin Cushion
Our Price: $3.99  
Westcott Metal Bow Compass
Our Price: $9.99  
White Plastic with Inner Teeth Headbands (12 Pack)​
Our Price: $5.99  
Wood Burning Set + 7 Tips
Our Price: $24.99   Market Price: $36.00
Save: $11.01 per unit
Wonder / Craft Clips
Our Price: $6.99  
Micro-Stitch Basting Gun Great for Quilters
Our Price: $19.99   Market Price: $39.99
Save: $20.00 per unit
Sew-on Metal Snap Buttons - SILVER or BLACK
Our Price: $2.99  
Dritz Set of Two Drawstring Threader
Our Price: $3.99  
Magnetic Pin Cushion
Our Price: $9.99  
Pin Cushion with Storage Container
Our Price: $4.99  
Pin Cushion, Tomato with Emery Strawberry
Our Price: $1.99  
Rubber Mallet
Our Price: $9.99  
Suspender - Pacifier Clips
Our Price: $0.49   Market Price: $1.35
Save: $0.86 per unit
The Arranger 60+ Thread Rack​
Our Price: $29.99   Market Price: $39.95
Save: $9.96 per unit
Seam Creaser/Point Turner
Our Price: $3.49  
Tracing Wheel, Plastic 5-1/2"
Our Price: $1.99  

GoldStar Tool’s Notions Sewing Products

Notions are smaller objects and accessories that can be sewn or attached to a finished garment. You can also have notions that help you attach those items to the garments.  Although the term “sewing notion” is the standard for these small items, only the United States really uses the term. The British term is haberdashery, which you may also be familiar with. 

Notions can be anything from buttons and snaps to needles, threads, pincushions, thimbles, pins and so much more! Sometimes the last piece of the garment are the notions such as the zippers, buttons, snaps, or hooks. Although zippers, buttons, and snaps can be decorative pieces to a project, they are also crucial when making pants, jackets, and button-up shirts. You could be creating a fun book cover that holds a pen and you need to add a swivel hook to hold everything together. That’s what notions are for!

Scissors are Notions? 

Yes! All cutting tools are considered notions! No matter if you are cutting fabric, thread, or trim off your project, you’ll need a different scissor or clipper for every project. From multipurpose scissors to tiny thread clippers, to material-specific shears, to rotary cutters, each tool has a specific job. 

Marking Notions

You wouldn’t attempt to cut your fabric without marking it, would you? We hope not! Whether you prefer chalk, wheels, pens, or even dyes, your marking tools are notions that help you get that project done right.

GoldStar Tool Sewing Notions

Here at GoldStar Tool, we know just how important it is to have notions for sewing purposes. That’s why we have all of our notions under one, simple place for you to find anything you may need. Whether it’s toothless plastic for headbands or seam rippers, we have it all. If you have any trouble finding something you are looking for, or need to order something in bulk, feel free to contact our customer service team.