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What to Look for in an Upholstery Sewing Machine

By: GoldStarTool

Unfortunately, most upholstery fabrics are difficult to handle and don’t work well with traditional or standard sewing machines. If you’re having issues with your fabric or sewing machine while working with upholstery, it’s time to upgrade to an upholstery sewing machine. The proper machine will take your projects or crafts from disaster to masterwork in no time.

Altering Your Clothes? Read These Tips First!

By: GoldStarTool

Unfortunately, the clothing industry has yet to find a way to streamline clothing sizes across all suppliers. This leads people to turn to tailoring. For some, this means having a good tailor on speed dial, doing alterations yourself, or struggling with clothes that just don’t fit right.

DIY Reusable Grocery Bag

By: GoldStarTool

All across the country, grocery stores are encouraging customers to reduce the use of plastic bags. Be part of the change to reduce plastic waste and design your own DIY reusable grocery bag instead! These easy to sew and eco-friendly bags can hold a lot of groceries, withstand years of use and look fantastic too!

Tips for Making Better Quilt Blocks

By: GoldStar Tool

Sure, there’s no such thing as perfect, but there’s nothing worse than looking at your beautiful quilt and picking out mistakes. These tips for making near perfect quilt blocks can take your quilting to the next level.

8 Reasons to Join a Sewing Group

By: david h

Sewing can be a lonely hobby, but sewing groups are a great way to get out of the house and check out other people’s work. Here are eight reasons to get together with a sewing group!

4 Reasons You Need a Walking Foot

By: Goldstar Tool

Whether you quilt or sew garments, you should know that a walking foot sewing machine can change your life. A specialty part for sewing machines is critical for straight line quilting but it can generally improve your accuracy and significantly reduce the time you spend sitting at your machine.

Mass Production Sewing Techniques for Your Small Business

By: david h

If you’re running a growing business, production is key. Mass production sewing factories use only tried and true methods that result in a high-quality product for low production costs. Not to mention, they work with extreme efficiency! Here are some tips to streamline your own production practices on a smaller scale.

5 Quick and Easy Tips for Making Drapes

By: david h

Whether you’re looking to brighten up a room or block out the morning sun, making your own drapes is an ideal sewing project. Purchasing window treatments can be pricy but making your own allows you to choose a fabric, length and design to better fit your windows and décor.  Use these five quick tips to tackle your drape-making project!

Do I Need an Industrial Sewing Machine?

By: david h

A question that comes up often on sewing blogs and in craft stores is whether you need an industrial sewing machine? The answer is pretty simple; if you're using your machine a lot, then you probably need an industrial sewing machine. Don't let intimidation get the better of you. Many newer industrial sewing machines come with many settings that are comfortable for beginners too.

How to Start Your Own Sewing Business

By: david h

Whether it's your passion or a way to make a living, you should be making money if you know how to sew!
Here's how to set yourself up for a successful sewing business, we cover everything from the materials you’ll need to get started, to managing the retail aspect of the business.

Making a Winter Coat? Here’s What You Should Know!

By: david h

Coats work overtime through the winter months while protecting you from all sorts of unwelcome weather. They are a major wardrobe staple and while practical, can really complete many outfits.

How to Sew Your Own Christmas Tree Skirt

By: david h

If you want a one-of-a-kind tree skirt that fits in perfectly with your home, you can DIY a tree skirt yourself! We’ll show you how to make an effortless, round tree skirt that you can adapt to any size.

The Tools Every Beginner Quilter Needs

By: david h

A quilter is much more than just their toolkit, but without the proper tools you’ll find that every step is a struggle. Beginner quilters can benefit from these basic tools that will make quilting a breeze and keep the process fun. The tools every beginner quilter needs range from the basics such as sewing machines to acrylic rulers. Don’t worry, we’ll explain why you need each piece here!

Get Ready to Travel with a DIY Duffel Bag

By: david h

From the gym to your next quilting class a duffel bag is always useful. You can use them in place of travel bags on short weekend getaways, or even for storage. Buying them, however, has a few issues. They’re always overpriced, they’re always boring black or navy and the zippers always break! But, when you’re sewing your own duffel bag, you can add some personal flair and a high-quality zipper too! We’ve broken down the steps here on how to use sewing machines to create the ultimate duffel bag at home!

Common Sewing Machine Problems and How to Fix Them

By: david h

Sewing machines are fickle things, and they seem to act up right when you’re sitting down to a new project or finishing up something you’ve worked on for a while. Don’t worry we have the solutions to fix any of these common sewing machine problems. You’ll learn how to handle your sewing machine and understand the different sewing machine parts that lead to your most aggravating problems!