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October 24 2017
Industrial Sewing Machine Table Perks

By: GoldStarTool Staff

Whether you are a fashion designer, a clothing tailor, or one just beginning to sew, an industrial sewing machine is the right purchase for you. Having a professional machine from Gold Star Tool will allow you to expand your knowledge with the world of sewing, and hopefully grow your business that you have or aspire to have. A great sewing machine should always come well-equipped with an industrial sewing machine table. Continue reading to find out why a table will help you tremendously.

October 18 2017
Gold Star Tool Shears VS. Regular scissors

By: GoldStarTool Staff

Many people make the common mistake of using normal scissors for their sewing creations. Although this can get the job done, there is nothing that Gold Star Tool’s professional tailoring shears can’t work with. In this blog, we will explain the clear differences between the two, and why you should make the switch if you are working in fashion or the garment industry.

The 2021 Valentine's Day Sale Starts Now!

By: GoldStar Tool

Don't miss out! GoldStar's Valentine's Day Sale starts now! This is one sale you don't want to miss, so check out this blog for all the details.