Feedrail & Electro-Rail

At GoldStar Tool, you’ll find both Feedrail® and Electro-Rail® as options for getting electrical service to the machines in your factory. Our experts recommend that if you are dealing with only one or two machines, you won’t need either. It will only be a matter of placing each machine close to outlets. However, in a larger open room with multiple machines, delivery of the electrical service may become a bit trickier. Using extension cords may not only get commercial ventures into trouble with the authorities, but it will also mar the aesthetics and endanger your workers!

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​Electro-Rail - Plug In Jack Fusible With B 4 Pole 15 AMP #ERS354M
Our Price: $248.00  
​Electro-Rail - Standard Trolley Chassis #E120-13​
Our Price: $125.00  
​Electro-Rail - Trolley Body #E110-13
Our Price: $51.00  
​Electro-Rail - Trolley Body #E110-7
Our Price: $16.00  
​Electro-Rail - Trolley Body #E120-1​
Our Price: $52.00  
​Electro-Rail - Trolley Body Assembly CGR 2 Pole 15 AMP​ #S14242B
Our Price: $100.00  
​Electro-Rail - Trolley Body Assembly CGR 2 Pole 5 AMP #T01933P
Our Price: $70.00  
​Electro-Rail - Trolley Body Assembly CGR 3 Pole 15 AMP #S14242A
Our Price: $128.00  
​Electro-Rail - Trolley Body Assembly CGR 3 Pole 5 AMP #T01034P
Our Price: $83.00  
​Electro-Rail Duplex Track Hanger #ERS-124
Our Price: $71.00  
​Electro-Rail Low Level End Feed 3 Pole 60 AMP #ERS-149
Our Price: $476.00  
​Electro-Rail Track Hanger #ERS-105
Our Price: $5.00  
​Electro-Rail Track Hanger #ERS-115
Our Price: $13.00  
​​Electro-Rail - Transfer Chassis #T11248
Our Price: $241.00  

Feedrail and Electro-Rail

What are Feedrail and Electro-Rail?

The Electro-Rail involves dropping down electrical service from above. The biggest disadvantage of using this method of delivery is that it limits the movement of machines.

A Feedrail, on the other hand, gives you more flexibility since it consists of overhead power strips. It is also known by many different names, such as:

  • Raceway
  • Busway
  • Bus rail
  • Trolley rail
  • Overhead trolley
  • Trolley feed rail
  • Trolley busway

Why Should Your Industrial Shop Be Using Feedrail or Electro-Rail?

A Feedrail comes in the shape of a structure akin to railroad tracks. However, unlike the tracks, a feedrail is inverted and suspended. On it is a special jack or plug that can travel the track when you tug on it. A machine plugs into a box at the bottom of the trail.

The Feedrail is the only viable option for delivering electric power to cutting tables and similar machines. It supplies a power source that can travel up and down the table.

Feedrail tracks are usually 10 feet long, but they may be joined together to form longer tracks to better suit your needs. If you are moving into a new space and need to power many machines, a feedrail is what you should look into.

Using Feedrails can make a working space safer since there will be no power cords lying around on the floors. There are little to no chances that a worker may trip on them and injure themselves.

At GoldStar Tool, we guide you to the best products that fulfill your needs. If you have any questions over our Feedrails and Electro-rails, please give us a call. Dial 1.800.868.4419 to talk rails with us!