Pricing Guns and Tagging Supplies Avery Dennison

Tagging Gun, Standard or Fine Fabric - Avery Dennison
Our Price: $24.99   Market Price: $39.99
Save: $15.00 per unit
Avery Dennison - Fine Needles
Our Price: $21.99  
Avery Dennison - Fine Fabric Needles
Our Price: $16.99  
Avery Dennison - Fine Fabric Needles For ST9000
Our Price: $59.99  
Avery Dennison - Heavy Duty Fine Fabric Needles
Our Price: $29.99  
Avery Dennison - Standard Needles
Our Price: $16.99  
Avery Dennison - Ultra Fine Fabric Needles For ST9000
Our Price: $65.99  

Pricing Guns and Tagging Supplies

If you own your own physical or online store, you will want to own a price or tagging gun. Whether you have 500 products or 50 products, handwriting price tags can be tedious and time consuming. If you choose not to tag your items, customers will not know how much your items are, what size they are, or what the names of the items would be. 

Pricing Guns

Before your products are ready to be sold, you need to be sure they are tagged with prices and labels. GoldStar Tool has a variety of hand-held pricing guns to help you accurately place tags on your products, whether that item is made from lightweight fabric or heavy-duty material. 

Using a pricing gun helps ensure that your products have more accurate pricing and labels, allowing you to securely attach a tag to your product. Here are a few reasons why you should use a price and tagging gun in your shop: 

  • They are accurate.
  • They can be used on a multitude of surfaces.
  • They offer a great return on investment.
  • They give your customers easy to read information.
  • They improve customer relations.

Using a price gun also allows you to add personalized tags to your products. This allows you to have your brand name, phone number, slogan, and more. When people buy your items, now they have your entire brand in their hands along with your product. i

Tagging Supplies

Instead of handwriting your tags and securing them to the clothes, shoes, and accessories in your shop, use tagging supplies to get it done quickly and efficiently. There are different guns that tag with different fasteners and plastic attachments. You can use our tagging supplies to attach to different fabrics and materials as well.

We make pricing your products simply by offering a variety of tagging solutions, including tagging machines and fasteners. 

Pneumatic Tagging Machines

If your taggies or pricing gun are too slow, or perhaps your textiles are made from heavy material, you may want to try a pneumatic tagging machine. Pneumatic tagging machines have an air compressor that make the job easier and quicker, making it perfect for heavy-duty products. 

GoldStar Tool’s Price Guns and Tagging Supplies

GoldStar Tool covers all your sewing projects or company’s needs. If you are having trouble purchasing a product, contact our customer service team. We are happy to help with any issues that may arise or if you have any questions about our products